You will have the opportunity to navigate the Costa Rican rivers just like our ancestors did. After learning how to control the canoe, we will gently come close to the flora and fauna that live in the area, experiencing nature in a more personal manner.

This activity is available for ages 7 & up. No experience necessary.

For a half-day tour, we recommend:

If you have more time, we recommend:

If you like adventure kayaking, this tour is for you. Come and discover the tranquil waters of Costa Rica, where you will be able to appreciate nature in a half-day tour, leaving enough time in your day to partake in other activites .

We recommend:


Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries for this activity. For bird lovers, we offer more than 800 different species in a relatively short distance. To see the most amount of species, we will observe them in the protected forests.

The most well-known areas for birdwatching activity are:

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, is known to be an important wetland that harbors a variety of flora and fauna species in danger of extinction, such as the Jabiru, which is the largest bird in the country, classified under the stork family. This bird needs large trees for nesting, but because of the deforestation and draining of wetlands, has been forced out of its habitat and now has diminished food resources.

The Caño Negro Refuge is one of area that provides food and shelter for this species, which you may encounter during your visit. In the waters of Rio Frio, like other wetlands of the Caño Negro zone, harbors a strange living fossil with ancestral characteristics that date from the dinosaur era. Its name is the Gaspar fish, which by its small population worldwide, makes it an endangered species. However, it is possible to encounter this fish inside the refuge, which is known to have to most dense population of this rare fish.

The National Refuge of Mixed Life, Wildlife Maquenque, is a wetland in the category of Ramsar, with more than 400 different species of birds and is an area of great importance for the birds of our country. Since it is in the migratory path of a special species of birds, we can observe the famous Red and Green Macaw and the piche barcino, which in danger of extinction.