The main attraction of the national park is, of course, the volcano. It has an almost flawless cone shape, with an elevation of over 5,000 feet. It's been the most active volcano in Costa Rica since 1968, when it erupted after being dormant for 400 years.

The national park has beautiful trails around the primary forest, where one can notice a transition from a devastated zone into a growing forest. You can walk on easy trails, where you can find some native animals, such as spider monkeys, white-faced capuchins, howler monkeys, sloths, raccoons, coatis, agoutis, serpents, lizards, as well as a large variety of birds.

The hanging bridges of Arenal are for people who appreciate the view of the forest from a higher altitude, and that take pleasure in seeing amazing panoramic views.

One will be able to appreciate the flora and fauna, such as birds, serpents, coatis, armadillos, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, amongst many others that help embellish the place. Accompanied by a naturalist guide, you will be able to both appreciate and educate yourself on the beauty of Costa Rican tropical forests.

There are a total of 15 bridges, 6 of them being suspended. They're beautifully designed and built with the upmost security in order to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip.

For those who are looking for a physically demanding hike, Cerro Chato Volcano, which has had no volcanic activity for the past 3,500 years, is the perfect choice. One can appreciate the changes from rainforest to cloud forest while climbing the peak, measuring approximately 3,700 ft.

We will begin the tour in Fortuna and ride in a minibus around Volcano Arenal to the Hotel Observatory Lodge”. A naturalist guide will accompany you during your hike and will teach you about the geological history as well as the surrounding nature that inhabits Volcano Arenal’s older brother. We will start the steep hike to the summit of “Cerro Chato,” crossing a very compact, primary rainforest on our way. From the summit, we will walk down to the green lagoon (an old volcano crater) where we can swim, take pictures, or simply enjoy our surroundings.

After another short climb, we will begin our decent. This will give us a beautiful view of Arenal and the valley of San Carlos. As we pass through through the rainforest, we'll hopefully see various birds and other wild animals (though viewing the enormous size plants alone make this tour worthwhile).

This tour includes a 45 minute bus ride to our destination, about a 4 hour challenging hike of cerro chato, and a max. 

Within the Tenorio Volcano National Park lies the main attraction of the Gatuso area: the Celeste River. On a daily basis, this river simply amazes its visitors because of the unusual color of its waters.

During the hike, we'll encounter 2 types of forests of great ecological importance, including the rain forest and, much higher, the cloud forest.

The hike includes a visit to the Tenidores, where one can observe the extraordinary change in the coloration of the water, and a relaxing visit to some natural hot springs (the water being heated from underground by the Tenorio volcano). Finally, we will end at the waterfall of Celeste River, born form the surrounding mountains.