In order to completely enjoy this nature-filled region, you certainly don't want to miss the relaxing hot springs that come from the heart of the Arenal Volcano. Water passes through the hot rocks located deep within the volcano, where temperatures can reach as high as 150° Fahrenheit. There are many options for our visitors to explore:

Baldi Hot Springs Hotel & Spa has created a tourist resort close to the La Fortuna area, San Carlos, Costa Rica. It is equipped with thermo-mineralized, therapeutic hot pools that come directly from the arenal volcano, about 300ft deep, found purely by coincidence while digging for drinkable water.

Baldi is an excellent option for hot springs, offering 25 thermal pools that range from 90-150°F, as well as 3 wet bars, 2 restaurants, a jacuzzi, sauna, and 3 water slides. While relaxing with your family at this spa, you will also be able to enjoy a wonderful view of the volcano and some of the gorgeous nature that Costa Rica has to offer.

Tabacon is a natural spa; the water flows through the property, forming natural pools and waterfalls, meanwhile offering attractive options for tourists.

There are five different water sources within the property, with temperatures ranging from 77° to 122° Fahrenheit. The total volume generated for the pools are about 20 gallons per second.

Enjoy the natural wonders of Costa Rica while visiting the hot springs of Tabacon. You can try all 17 different pools that are between 75-105°F, coming from the volcano that's located in Tabacon’s backyard, as well as enjoy the tropical forest and waterfalls that surround the area. The resort is also a large hotel, offering a capacity of 300 guests.

This place offers the most private environment, since it only permits a limited number of guests per day. There are 4 mineral-rich pools where you can relax in, located in a natural setting that's enveloped in Costa Rica’s exotic vegetation and promises tranquility.

You can complement your visit with a delicious Costa Rican meal that is offered in the restaurant.

The hot springs of The Springs Resort guarantees optimum satisfaction for its guests. There are two pool sections (lagoons and lost springs), where they all have different temperatures. Here, you can enjoy everything in just one day, embraced by nature that's native to the area.