September 2020

In this article we will show you about the different travel restrictions which will allow you to spend your vacations in Costa Rica as a foreign tourist.


The only way to travel to Costa Rica from abroad is by plane. There are currently various connections from the European and North American continents, which fly directly to Costa Rica. Alternatively, there are the first indirect flights, which allow you to enter Costa Rica with a stopover. The exact list of the current flight connections to San Jose can be found here.


Travelling within the country

After arriving in Costa Rica, it is recommended to travel around in a rental car. In Costa Rica there is a mask obligatory for all public transportation (bus, train, cab, ferry etc.) and the timetables of the public transportation are reduced. In addition, there is a limited ban on private transportation in Costa Rica, from which you as a tourist with a rental car are completely excluded and you can use the car at any time to its full advantage.


Tourist Attractions

Most of the tourist attractions are open for visitors. General mask obligation exists in all publicly accessible interiors. The hotels and other tourist attraction providers have protection concepts and trained employees. The infrastructure of Maquenque Ecoldoge is mostly outdoor and therefore has optimal protection against a possible virus infection. The tour agency Canoa Aventura also works with a dedicated hygiene concept to protect and keeps the tour participants in a safe environment.


Travel restrictions

As a foreign tourist, you are exempt from quarantine and can start exploring the country immediately after entry. You need to have a negative corona virus test result, and a insurance which covers covid-19. Please read the exact list of authorized countries and entry restrictions, which can be found here: