Caño Negro by Canoe (4)
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We specialize in providing the safari tour by kayak, raft or canoe, hiking in the rain forest, tours to Lake Arenal and Caño Negro by motor boat or canoe.
Safari float by Raft
Do not miss this excellent tour of the calm waters of the Peñas Blancas river, floating on our inflatable rafts.
Night Tour
Enter the shady jungle at night and discover the most fascinating species.

Best Tours in La Fortuna

Canoa Aventura is a tour operator located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, at the foot of the Arenal Volcano in northern Costa Rica. The company offers different ecotourism and adventure excursions, such as the hike to the Arenal Volcano, combined with suspension bridges and ending in the thermal-mineral waters of the area, tours to the rapids of the Sarapiquí (rafting class 2&3), canopy or zip-line, horseback riding, night tours, trekking-type hikes. In addition, the company is recognized for a series of unique tours, such as the Safari float by raft in river Peñas Blancas, Safari or Kayak in river Tres Amigos, canoe or our the traditional boat tour in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge.

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The best tours in La Fortuna

What are the best tours in La Fortuna? It is a difficult question to answer, since it depends on the taste of each tourist. However, the variety of tours is very large. There are adventure tours, ecotourism, cultural and educational excursions, as well as extraordinary experiences, such as the night tour.

In La Fortuna you will find rafting tours, canoeing, kayaking, atv, bagging, hiking to the Arenal Volcano National Park, visits to the hot springs, canopy or zip line, canyoning or canyoneering, bird watching, tours to see lazy bears, guided tours for see birds and many more.

Rafting is also a highly requested adventure activity. Canoa Aventura offers all the classic tours, and additionally, unique and exclusive tours, such as the raft tour of the Rio tres Amigos, the raft Safari, kayaking on Lake Arenal, hiking the volcano with a visit to the Tabacon hot springs, Ecotermales and Baldi as well as the famous El Burrito hike. Caño Negro is undoubtedly the number 1 ecotourism activity, since the number of birds seen is incredible and it is one of the most incredible wetlands in the world.

Best hiking in Arenal

What is the best hiking tour in La Fortuna? The trekking tour trekking to Cerro El Burrito is a fun exclusive hiking tour of Canoa Aventura. You will climb this mountain amid grasslands, forests, crossing rivers and valleys until you reach the top. Once there, you can visit an incredible waterfall in the middle of the forest. Combine adventure with sport on this amazing tour.

Caño Negro Wetlands

What tours are there to explore Caño Negro? Within the tours that characterize Canoa Aventura are the three different methods with which you can explore Caño Negro. The Caño Negro wetland is one of the most important wetlands in the world, and a habitat site for hundreds of species, including birds, reptiles and mammals. Canoa Aventura offers the canoe tour, which is highly requested for being a pure adventure tour. The Eco Safari tour, which will take you to explore Caño Negro in a boat with a silent motor and finally the boat tour in Caño Negro.